Include Lenses in Your Wave Apps

Curate your Wave apps to include both dashboards and lenses. Users can explore, undo, redo, see history, present, and share lenses in the running app.

Remember that exploration you lovingly crafted and saved as a lens? Sure, you clipped it to the designer and added it to a dashboard, but now you can recreate your journey for others by including the lens in an app. The history is stored, so viewers can follow along by clicking through the different stages of the exploration.

In the app navigation, the first 20 assets appear alphabetically by name, including both dashboards and lenses. Click the navigation control (The navigation control has an image of a list) in the upper left of your app. Add more assets by clicking the Organize button and the plus sign and then selecting from the lists of dashboards and lenses.

New option to add lenses to an app's navigation

While you can explore, present, and share lenses from the running app, to save or clip to designer, click the edit (The edit control has a pencil) or the open in Wave (The Open in Wave icon has the Wave spinner) control.