Enable New Fields for Replication with Ease

You know how it goes. The sales operations team at your company wants to see extra opportunity fields in their dashboards. You have replication enabled in your org, so you know that you have to update the dataflow to enable these fields. Not anymore. Use the new field picker to enable fields with just a few clicks. No dataflow required!

In the data manager, on the Setup tab, click the Salesforce object that you want to enable fields for. The field picker shows the fields available for the object.

Replication field picker

Fields already enabled for replication are already selected. Select the additional fields you want, and click Continue. Preview the new data on the next page.

Preview source data page

If you change your mind, hover over a field’s column header and click X to disable it. When you’re ready, click Save and the new fields are enabled.



You can’t use the field picker or preview page to disable fields that are included in an object’s sfdcDigest node. To disable them, remove these fields from the sfdcDigest node.