Extract Replicated Data with the Digest Transformation

Use the new digest transformation in a dataflow to extract data replicated through local and external connections.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you’re extracting opportunity data from your company’s org in Arizona using a Salesforce external connection.

Salesforce external replicated objects on Setup tab of data manager

You want to append this data to opportunity data from your local California org using the dataflow. Add a digest node in the dataflow editor or the dataflow definition file, specify the connection name, object, and fields, and you’re done.

digest Node in Dataflow Editor digest Node in Dataflow JSON
digest node in dataflow editor
"Extract Arizona Opportunities": {
    "action": "digest",
    "parameters": {
        "connectionName": "Arizona_Sales",
        "object": "Opportunity",
        "fields": [
        {"name": "CloseDate"},
        {"name": "Amount"},
        {"name": "StageName"},
        {"name": "Name"}


The connection name is the API name of the connection used to replicate the data. On the Setup tab of the data manager, look for the name in parentheses next to the replicated object that you are extracting from.Arrow pointing to connection name of an external replicated object

You can then use an append node in the dataflow to merge opportunities from your California and Arizona orgs.



The digest transformation is available only if you have enabled replication.