Work Smarter in the Data Manager

The data manager is home for all your data tasks: connect, replicate, and prepare. And now, with new tools such as connectors and the dataflow editor, it’s more important than ever that you can quickly find what you need. So we reorganized the data manager and renamed tabs to make it easier to find your way around.

Open the data manager in Wave from the gear icon.

Open data manager from gear icon

The Monitor tab is probably the one you visit most often, to check the progress of your data jobs and dataflows. So we left it unchanged at the top as your landing tab. If you’ve enabled replication, we’ve moved the Create button from Dataflow View to the new Dataflows & Recipes tab.

Data manager

Dataflows and recipes are your two key data preparation tools, so it makes sense to put them together on the same tab: Dataflows & Recipes.

Dataset recipes tab

On the Dataflows & Recipes tab, each tool has its own subtab (1). The Dataflows subtab brings dataflow management to the surface; no more digging deep into the Monitor tab to do it. All your usual dataflow tasks are accessible here, through the actions button (2). So make this is your new go-to place for creating, editing, scheduling, and running dataflows. And, just a click away, continue your data preparation on the Dataset Recipes subtab, where you can create, edit, and keep track of all your recipes.

Datasets have been given what they deserve: a tab of their own.

Datasets tab

If you have replication enabled, there’s a Replicated Data subtab here too (1). Datasets and replicated data are your starting points for new recipes, so having them all in one place makes it easier to just grab one and go. Start a recipe in just two clicks through the actions button (2), from any dataset or replicated data you see on these tabs.

If you’ve enabled replication in your org, the Setup tab is the new home for all things replication. Go here to set up and run replication and create connections using the new Wave connectors.

Setup tab in data manager