Reach the Heights of Productivity with the New Explorer

The updated explorer offers a streamlined look and integrated functionality accessible from both lenses and the Wave dashboard designer. From the latest Wave charts to mode switching, the new explorer is a data-lover's dream.

Explore Easily with a New Look

Explorer has been redesigned into a work area where you can easily view and edit all selections and properties affecting your exploration.

wave explorer new layout

Your chosen measures, dimensions, and filters are more visible in dedicated panels (1). Use the new mode-switching buttons to quickly move between charts, data tables, and editing SAQL (2). (Yes, editing SAQL with the push of a button!) The gear menu displays or hides the properties panel related to the current visualization or table in the display area (3).

All the actions you’ve come to know and love, and some new ones that you’re going to love, are well-placed in menus or bars. They’re accessible but also out of the way when you don’t need them.

wave explorer action menus and buttons

Each measure or dimension has its own actions menu (1) with choices appropriate to the current context. The action bar (2) provides easy access to familiar controls, including a context-sensitive gear menu. The Show Totals option for tables is now in a dedicated menu (3).

Choose Charts from a Unified Menu

Remember when the charts you used for presenting visualizations in a dashboard weren't available for exploring data? With the new explorer, there's a seamless data exploration and presentation experience.

Explorer now uses Wave charts, which means you get the same experience in explorer and Wave dashboard designer. All your favorite charts from explorer, such as calendar heat map and parallel coordinates, are now united with your favorite charts from dashboard designer, such as pyramid and waterfall.

Drill into Data with the Push of a Button

A new drill-down button appears when you make selections on a chart.

drill down button

If buttons aren't your thing, you can still drill down by clicking a value along the axis, or right-clicking a selected element in the chart.

Sort by Any Measure

Instead of being locked into sorting only by the first measure, you can sort by any measure. Open the measure’s action menu and select the sort direction.

sort any measure using its action menu

Other Changes in Explorer

Lenses clip from explorer to the Wave dashboard designer with visual settings intact. Your carefully configured visualization appears the same in the dashboard designer as it did while you were exploring.

You can now view SAQL-form steps from a dashboard in read-only mode in explorer. Previously, you could only open steps in compact form. To enable users to open a step in explorer, enable the Show Explore Icon widget property.

If you access explorer from within a dashboard, you can reference multiple datasets in the SAQL for the step you are exploring. The datasets must already be used in the dashboard by other steps. The simplest way to achieve that is to add a step to your dashboard for every dataset you intend to use, then copy the load “{alias}” in these steps to your target step’s SAQL.

In SAQL steps, the parser now identifies grouped and non-grouped dimensions (strings) separately. The grouped dimensions are included in your visualizations by default, but the string dimensions are not. You can manually add the string dimensions into a visualization by editing the underlying SAQL.

Copy, paste, and focus commands are no longer available in explorer.