Show Totals and Maximize the Display in Tables

Show totals in value and compare tables to see how well your business or team is performing. Configure table column widths to minimize whitespace and ensure widget alignment in a dashboard.

Modify the widget properties to show totals and configure the column size.

The right panel shows the Column Size, Column Width, and Show Totals widget properties



The Show Totals field appears in the widget properties only if the Show Totals option is enabled in the step. While creating the step in Table mode, select Options | Show Totals.

The values table shows a summary row below the column headers.

You can set the table column size to the following.
Fit to Data
Dynamically set the column widths based on the length of the data. You can also set a minimum and maximum width to ensure that the column isn’t too wide or narrow.
Fixed Width
Set each column to the same width.
Fit to Widget
Fit the columns to the size of the widget. Use this setting to ensure that no empty space appears at the right side of the table, as shown here.
Wave shows an empty whitespace on the right side of the table.