Lightning API Name Changed to User Interface API

The API name has changed from Lightning API to User Interface API. The new name tells you what to build with the API—UI for custom Salesforce apps. The User Interface API responses are designed to give you everything you need to display Salesforce records.

The User Interface API base URL has changed from /lapi to /ui-api.

To get metadata and data to display a record, your code makes a simple HTTP request to a resource.
GET /ui-api/record-ui/001R0000003GeJ1IAK
Behind the scenes, Salesforce does the heavy lifting.
  • Checks field-level security settings, sharing settings, and perms.
  • Makes SOQL queries to get record data.
  • Gets object metadata and theme information.
  • Gets layout information.
You are one happy developer, because Salesforce transforms the results into an easy-to-consume JSON response with all the information you need to display a record.


The User Interface API Developer Guide contains a step-by-step Quick Start to get you up and running.