Changed Objects

These objects have changed.
The object attributes searchable and layoutable have changed to true.
The ContentDownloadUrl and PdfDownloadUrl fields were added.
Added the samlIdpSLOBinding and samlSloUrl fields.
Added create and delete properties to several fields.
  • CreatedById
  • CreatedDate
  • LastModifiedDate
  • OwnerId

These properties are available to users assigned the Set Audit Fields Upon Creation permission.

The ContentBodyId and FirstPublishLocationId fields were added.
The object attributes createable, deletable, and updateable have changed to true.
The ShouldAddCreatorMembership field was added.
Added create and update properties to several fields.
  • Name
  • Description
  • DeveloperName
The fields relatedEntityType and UiType were added.
The following fields were added to the Lightning Error, Lightning Interaction, Lightning Page View, and Lightning Performance event types. One field was renamed.
  • LOGIN_KEY—The string that ties together all events in a user’s login session. It starts with a login event and ends with either a logout event or the user session expiring.
  • SESSION_ID now named SESSION_KEY—The string that ties together all events for a particular activity session. For example, URI events while the user is interacting with an Accounts page.
  • USER_ID_DERIVED—The 18-character case-insensitive ID of the person using Salesforce services through the UI or the API.
The following fields were added to the Report event type to help you detect when users export large amounts of data. High row counts and size can indicate that a user is downloading information for fraudulent purposes.
The EventLogFile object has the following new event types.
  • External OData Callout
  • External Cross-Org Callout
  • External Custom Apex Callout


We provide Salesforce Connect Callout Event Monitoring to customers through a public pilot program. The pilot event types are available in orgs that use Salesforce Connect and Event Monitoring. If your org doesn't have these features, contact your Salesforce account executive to participate in the pilot. Salesforce Connect Callout Event Monitoring is subject to change and isn’t generally available unless or until Salesforce announces its general availability in documentation or in press releases or public statements. We can’t guarantee general availability within any particular time frame or at all. Make your purchase decisions only on the basis of generally available products and features. You can provide feedback and suggestions for Salesforce Connect Callout Event Monitoring in the Salesforce Connect group in the Success Community.

The UniqueKey field was added. Use the UniqueKey field as the primary key in your queries instead of the Id system field. Id isn’t populated in API version 40.0 and later.
In API version 40.0 and later, the EventDate field isn’t nillable.
The DeletedPendingReviewItem picklist value was added to the Action field.
The CanCreateQuoteLineItems field was added. This field is not used.
The OpportunityLineItemId field was added.
In API version 40.0 and later, the Product2Id field is required, but isn’t API-updateable.
The object attributes searchable and layoutable have changed to true.
The following fields have been added:
  • MaintenancePlanId
  • MaintenanceDueDate