Metadata API

Metadata API includes new and changed types and fields.

New Metadata Types

These metadata types have been added.

Represents the definition of a set of branding properties for a community, as defined in the Branding Panel in Community Builder.
Represents the metadata used to describe a Rich Publisher App (pilot) that is integrated with the Chatter publisher. ChatterExtensions is a pilot feature in API version 40.0.
Represents a profile’s password policies. Profile password policies override org-wide password policies for that profile’s users. Use ProfilePasswordPolicy to retrieve password policies for a given profile.

Session security levels control access to certain types of resources based on the type of authentication used for logging in to the current session. For example, username and password authentication requires the standard session security level. Two-factor authentication requires HIGH_ASSURANCE.

Changed Metadata Types and Fields

These metadata types have changed or have fields that have been added or changed.

The type field now supports lightningcomponent as a valid value, and the content field can reference the name of a Lightning component that implements the lightning:actionOverride interface.
The following field has been added.
Indicates whether the case Attachments related list shows email attachments. If true, the page displays an email icon next to each attachment from an email in the Attachments related list for cases. The related list’s list view also includes a Source column that identifies the attachment’s origin. If false, email attachments aren’t displayed in the Attachments related list for cases.
The following fields have been added.
The SAML HTTP binding type from the service provider used for single logout.
The SAML single logout endpoint of the connected app service provider (SP). This endpoint is where SAML LogoutResponses are sent when users log out of Salesforce.
The following fields have been added.
The set of branding properties associated with this CommunityTemplateDefinition, as defined in the Branding panel in Community Builder.
The navigation menu associated with the CommunityTemplateDefinition. A navigation menu consists of items that users can click to go to other parts of the community.
The type field now supports FederatedSearch: OpenSearch as a valid value. Federated search connects the Salesforce federated search connector to the external search provider so that data from external repositories can be searched and returned within Salesforce.
The following field has been updated with these values.
activateSessionPermSet—Activates a session-based permission set for the running user.
deactivateSessionPermSet—Deactivates a session-based permission set for the running user.
The following field has been added.
The product families that an admin chooses to allow forecasting on in Lightning Experience.
The following fields have been added.
Determines whether internal users can log in with their internal credentials on the community login page.
Enables the org to use rules to automatically assign topics to articles in a community. After it’s enabled, admins set up rules in a community to map topics to Salesforce Knowledge data categories.
Gathers data when a customer looks at articles and cases in communities, for use in the Community 360 feature.
The settings in the Administration area (in Community Management or Community Workspaces) that control which page type the Change Password, Forgot Password, Home, and Login pages each point to. Page types include:
  • Designer—a Community Builder page
  • Standard—the default page
  • VisualForce—a Visualforce page
The following values are now valid for the preferences field.
  • AnalyticsSharingEnable
  • AsyncSaveEnabled
  • NetworksEnabled
  • ScratchOrgManagementPref (Beta)
  • Translation
In API version 40.0 and later, when you retrieve permission set metadata, all content exposed in Metadata API for the permission sets are retrieved. Retrieval includes Apex associated with the permission set, CRUD, and so on. In API version 39.0 and earlier, retrieving permission set metadata returns only the app and system permissions assigned to the permission set. Junction metadata (such as Apex, CRUD) are included only if the metadata for the related component is also included in the package definition.
The following field has been added.
If true, users are challenged with Identity Conformation during 2FA registration. If false, users are not challenged with Identity Confirmation, and are prompted to log in again.
The following standard picklist fields were included in the documentation by mistake and have been removed.
  • AddressCountryCode
  • AddressStateCode
  • InvoiceStatus
  • OrderStatus
The following field has been added.
If true, the user that triggered the Transaction Security policy is frozen. This action applies only to Chatter resources for Entity events.
The following fields have been added.
Sets the HttpOnly attribute on session cookies, making them inaccessible via JavaScript. If true, session ID cookie access is restricted. If false, access is not restricted.

Determines whether HTTPS is required to log in to or access Salesforce. However, sites can still be accessed using HTTP. This option is enabled by default for security reasons. To change to HTTP, contact Salesforce Customer Support.