Make Data Entry a Breeze with Einstein Automated Contacts

Reps can spend less time on data entry and more time on sales. Einstein now uses email and event activity to suggest new record data that reps can add to Salesforce with just a couple of clicks. Suggested record data includes new contacts and opportunity contact roles. This change applies to Lightning Experience only.

Suggestions appear in the Einstein component. Your reps see them when they connect their email and calendar to Salesforce with Einstein Activity Capture. The type of data suggested determines where the suggestion appears and who can see it.

Einstein Automated Contact suggestions

Type of Suggestion Where the Suggestion Appears Who Sees the Suggestion
  • Home page
  • Account records
  • Anyone in the To field of the email or activity
  • Account owner
  • Account team members
  • User’s manager
Opportunity Contact Role
  • Home page
  • Opportunity records
  • Opportunity owner
  • Opportunity team members
  • User’s manager

When a rep adds suggested data to Salesforce, Einstein takes the rep to the record edit page. From there, the rep reviews and saves the new data. After the data is added, the suggestion disappears for all users who had access to it.

When a rep declines suggested data, the suggestion disappears for all users. If you’ve enabled Smart Email Matching, when a rep declines opportunity contact roles suggestions, all related activities are removed from the activity timeline. Removing unrelated activities improves the relevancy of both activities in the timeline and the suggestions.

From the Home page, reps can also dismiss suggestions, which removes them from the Home page. They can also leave feedback about the relevance of individual suggestions.

If you use Duplicate Management, when a rep adds a suggested contact, it could be flagged as a duplicate. If the suggestion is flagged, the rep must select an existing contact from the list.