Choose the Default Sync Setting and Prevent Users from Changing It

We’ve added two preferences that give you greater control over how users sync their Microsoft® Outlook® items to Salesforce.

When users install or upgrade, Sync Only the Outlook Items I Select is selected by default in their Salesforce for Outlook settings.

Now you can change the default sync setting to Sync All Outlook Items and prevent users from changing this sync setting later. You’ll set these preferences from users’ Outlook configurations.
  1. From Salesforce Setup, click Desktop Administration | Outlook Configurations.
  2. Edit the Outlook configuration for which you want users to change the default setting.
  3. Select Set default sync setting to Sync All Outlook Items.
  4. Select Don’t let users change their sync setting to prevent users from changing their default setting. Note that even when Overwrite configuration changes made by users is selected, users still can change their default sync setting.
  5. Click Save.

Note that users’ Salesforce for Outlook sync setting reverts to the default every time users upgrade. If you continue letting users change their sync setting, alert upgrading users that they must set their preferred sync setting after every upgrade.