Convert Leads to Contacts (Generally Available)

Sales representatives on the go can convert qualified leads to contacts, as well as create accounts and opportunities. This option is available in all versions of Salesforce1.
Lead conversion available in: Group, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions

In addition to identifying duplicate contacts for the leads your sales representatives want to convert, your reps can create accounts during the lead conversion process. This way, your sales teams aren’t limited to selecting from only accounts already in Salesforce when converting leads to contacts.

It’s easy to make this option available to your sales reps. From Setup in the full Salesforce site, click Customize | Leads | Settings, and then select the option to enable conversions on the Salesforce1 app.

Choose Lead Sources When Converting Leads
When sales reps use Salesforce1 to convert leads to existing contacts, they can choose to keep lead sources from the existing contacts or replace the lead sources with the ones from the converted leads.
Prevent Duplicates When Converting Leads
Depending on the duplicate rules you set up for Duplicate Management, sales reps using Salesforce1 can now receive alerts of possible duplicates for accounts and contacts when converting leads. Sales reps can then decide to either save the records that could create duplicates or select other records to avoid duplicates altogether. For more information, see Duplicate Management Overview.