Process Builder User Interface Enhanced

We’ve improved the Process Builder user interface so it’s easier to manage versions, find and reference fields, create Chatter messages and more.
Welcome Page Updated
We updated the welcome page with more resources to help you get started. The welcome page appears only when you have no processes, so check out these resources before you start creating processes
Manage Versions More Easily
You can now view, open, and delete versions of a process by expanding the version list directly on the process management page.

Process versions are listed from newest to oldest and include a version number to help you identify the order in which they were created. Click anywhere on the process name (1) to expand the list and open or delete a process.Version List

Show and Hide Advanced Options
We moved advanced options to an expandable area of the side panel so you can focus on the essential settings in your process. Click Advanced to show or hide advanced options.
Advanced options are available when you:
  • Add objects to your processes
  • Add criteria to your processes
Advanced Recursion Option

We separated these options because we think it's important to consider the ways they can affect your process. In fact, we highly recommend reviewing the Salesforce Help to make sure that you understand these options before choosing them.

“Was Set” Operator Removed
The “was set” operator is no longer available when you define conditions. We removed this operator because it can cause inconsistent results when used in process criteria.
Find and Reference Fields More Easily
We've made finding fields a whole lot easier by grouping:
  • Fields that reference related records (1)
  • Fields on the current record (2)
Grouped Records and Fields
Select Dates for Scheduled Actions with a Drop-Down List
We simplified how you select a time for your scheduled actions. You can now select dates from the list instead of a separate dialog. You can even type in the field to filter the list of available values. Scheduled Actions Date List
Post to Chatter Action Updated
When you create Chatter messages in a Post to Chatter action, you'll see a slightly new design. We made it more straightforward to insert mentions, merge fields, and topics.

Here’s how the Post to Chatter message area looked in Spring ’15.Spring 2015 Message Area

Here’s the message area updated for Summer ’15.Summer 2015 Message AreaAlso, your mentions now display in blue text in the message field.

New Video Added to Explain How to Avoid Unwanted Actions in a Process
We added a video to provide more information about avoiding unwanted actions in your process. To watch the video, hover over the information bubble and click video when you define criteria in your process. This option is located in the Advanced area of the side panel.Avoid Unwanted Actions Video Link