See the Path That a Flow Interview Took Before It Failed (Beta)

When a flow interview fails, the flow creator receives an email with the subject “Unhandled process fault occurred…”. The email provides a message describing what went wrong. We added a list of every flow element that the interview executed so that you can see the exact path the interview took.

For example, if your flow includes a Decision element, use this list to figure out which route the interview took.



This release contains a beta version of the flow fault email that is production quality but has known limitations. We welcome your feedback on IdeaExchange.

The beginning of the email identifies the errors that occurred and the element where each error occurred. If the flow uses fault connectors, multiple errors can occur before the interview finishes.

The email also includes details about the flow and the interview that failed, as well as a list of the elements that the interview executed.
  • If the element that failed has a fault connector, the interview continues until the next error or until there are no more elements to execute. The failed element isn’t necessarily the last one in the list. In fact, multiple elements could have failed.
  • If the element that failed doesn’t have a fault connector, the interview stops at that element. The failed element is the last element that’s listed in the email.

Use the list of elements to determine exactly which path the flow interview took. For example, determine which way a Decision element routed your interview.


Your flow calculates the discount for an opportunity based on its account’s annual revenue. You run an interview of that flow, and it fails. The fault email that you receive begins with the following error message.

An error occurred at element Submit_Record.
No applicable approval process was found.

Then it lists the elements that the interview executed.

Record Lookup: Find_Acct
Decision: Determine_Discount
Assignment: No_Discount
Record Update: Update_Discount_Field
Subflow: Submit_for_Approval
Submit for Approval: Submit_Record

Through this list, you see that the interview followed the path that we’ve highlighted in green. The interview failed in the flow that’s referenced by the “Submit_for_Approval” Subflow element.Screenshot of a flow with the interview's path highlighted