Email Feed Items Now Display HTML Formatting and Inline Images

Previously, email feed items in the Salesforce Console for Service were displayed only in plain text and inline images in emails were displayed as attachments. Now, email feed items in the compact feed layout can be displayed in HTML, allowing support agents to easily see inline images in customer emails.
Available in: Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, Developer Editions with the Service Cloud

HTML formatting and images in email feed items are available only in the compact feed layout. If customers or support agents send emails containing HTML formatting and inline images, the email feed item displays the formatting and images. Images up to 2 MB are loaded only on the first email feed item. Images larger than 2 MB or that are in other email feed items are rendered as an icon. When you click the icon, the image is rendered on the feed.

Previously, mailto links in the email body were disabled and rendered as plain text. Now, when you click a mailto link, such as an email address, Salesforce loads the standard email action with the values specified in the mailto link.

To enable HTML in email feed items, from Setup, click Customize | Cases | Email-to-Case and select Enable HTML Email in the Email-to-Case Settings page.