Wave REST API (Pilot): Build New Functionality

You can now access Analytics Cloud datasets and lenses programmatically by using the Wave REST API.


We provide this feature to selected customers through a pilot program that requires agreement to specific terms and conditions. To be nominated to participate in the program, contact Salesforce. Because pilot programs are subject to change, we can’t guarantee acceptance. This pilot feature isn’t generally available, as referenced in this document or in press releases or public statements. We can’t guarantee that it will become generally available within any particular time frame or at all. Make your purchase decisions only on the basis of generally available features. Services provided by the Wave REST API are subject to change. Support is not provided.

Using the Wave REST API, you can:
  • Send queries directly to the Wave Platform.
  • Access datasets that have been imported into the Wave Platform.
  • Retrieve Analytics Cloud lenses.
  • Access XMD information.
  • Retrieve a list of dataset versions.
  • Create and retrieve Analytics Cloud applications.
  • Retrieve a list of dependencies for an application.

The Wave REST API has the following resources.

Resource Description Supported HTTP Method Resource URL
Wave Lists the top-level Analytics Cloud resources. GET /services/data/v34.0/wave
Query Executes a query written in the Salesforce Analytics Query Language (SAQL). POST /services/data/v34.0/wave/query
Datasets List Returns a list of Analytics Cloud datasets. GET /services/data/v34.0/wave/datasets
Dataset Returns the Analytics Cloud dataset with the specified ID. GET /services/data/v34.0/wave/datasets/​<dataset ID>
Versions List (New in Summer `15 Plus) Returns a collection of dataset versions for a particular dataset. GET /services/data/v34.0/wave/​datasets/<dataset ID>/versions
Version Returns an Analytics Cloud dataset version (GET), or updates the predicate (PATCH). GET, PATCH /services/data/v34.0/wave/datasets/ <dataset ID>/versions/<version ID>
File Provides access to the files that make up a dataset. GET /services/data/v34.0/wave/​datasets/​<dataset ID>/versions/​<version ID>/files/<file ID>
Lenses List Returns a list of Analytics Cloud lenses (GET), or creates a lens (POST). GET, POST /services/data/v34.0/wave/lenses
Lens Returns the Analytics Cloud lens with the specified ID (GET), or deletes a lens (DELETE). GET, DELETE /services/data/v34.0/wave/lenses/​<lens ID>
XMD List (New in Summer `15 Plus) Returns a list of extended metadata (XMD) resources for a version of a dataset. GET /services/data/v34.0/wave/​datasets/<dataset ID>/​versions/<version ID>/xmds
XMD (New in Summer `15 Plus) Returns the XMD for a version of a dataset. GET /services/data/v34.0/wave/​datasets/<dataset ID>/versions/​<version ID>/​xmds/<XMD type>
Dependencies (New in Summer `15 Plus) Returns the dependencies for an application (folder). GET services/data/v34.0/wave/​dependencies/<folder ID>
Folders List (New in Summer `15 Plus) Creates an Analytics Cloud application. POST /services/data/v34.0/wave/​folders
Folder (New in Summer `15 Plus) Returns the representation for an Analytics Cloud application. GET /services/data/v34.0/wave/​folders/<folder ID>

For more information about these resources, see the Wave REST API Developer’s Guide (Pilot).