Preview Metadata to Load CSV Data Correctly

Use the interface to view and change required metadata attributes in the file that's generated when uploading a CSV.

User Permissions Needed
To preview metadata when uploading external data: Upload External Data to Analytics Cloud
  1. When you upload a CSV file to create or edit a dataset, the Preview Data button appears.
    This screen shows the Preview Data button.


    The Preview Data button is disabled if you upload your own metadata file.

  2. Click Preview Data to view and change the required metadata attributes.
    You can change the optional metadata attributes later.
    The screen shows to dimension columns AccountOwner and Region, one measure column Target, and one date column TargetDate.
  3. For each column:
    1. Click a column name to change it.
      The column name is the display name in the dataset.
    2. Click the column header to change other required metadata attributes.
      You can change attributes for dates and measures.


      No metadata is required for dimensions.The screen shows the required metadata attributes for dates and measures.

  4. Click Submit to apply the metadata changes in the preview page to the metadata file.


    The Submit button is grayed out if there are errors.

  5. Click OK to close the confirmation message.
  6. To change optional metadata attributes—which are not visible in the preview page—click Download button to download the metadata file, edit the file, and then upload it.
  7. Click Update Dataset.
  8. Click Continue to dismiss the confirmation message.