Hide the Action Header for Visualforce Custom Actions

When creating a Visualforce page to use as a custom action, you can choose to hide the action’s header. Hiding the action header helps prevent user confusion, especially if you have your own buttons specified in the Visualforce page.
Available in: Group, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, Contact Manager, Database.com, and Developer Editions

To hide the header, add showQuickActionVfHeader=“false” to the <apex:page> tag of the custom action’s Visualforce page. When the Visualforce custom action renders in Salesforce1, the header and the Cancel and Save buttons are hidden. Using this attribute doesn’t affect how the action displays in the full Salesforce site.

If you don’t specify showQuickActionVfHeader, its value defaults to true.

The showQuickActionVfHeader attribute isn’t supported in communities.