Allow Guest Users to Run Flows

Embedded flows help your users complete simple, automated tasks from within your website. The best part? Users can now run a flow without logging in.

Where: This change applies to Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience in Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, and Developer editions that use the Snap-in code snippet version 5.0 or later.

Why: Maybe you’re an insurance company, and you want to let policyholders search for in-network medical providers without logging in. Or you’re an online retailer, and you want to streamline how new customers create accounts. No matter what type of business you run, embedded flows are easily configured to support your customers’ most important tasks.

How: Decide which flow you want to use in your Snap-in. Don't have one? Go to the Flows page in Setup and select New Flow. Then head to the Snap-ins page in Setup. Create a Snap-in deployment, and select Start under Flow Settings.