Create and Manage Transaction Policies More Easily

In the policy creation wizard, you can now enable a policy as you create it, and you don’t specify an execution user for non-Apex policies. Also, more informative error messages alert you to issues when creating or updating policies. Find your policies easily by sorting them on the policy summary page.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic in Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions.

Who: Available to customers who purchased Salesforce Shield or Salesforce Event Monitoring add-on subscriptions. To create and manage transaction security policies, you must have the Customize Application user permission.


If you’re participating in the Real-Time Events pilot, you can’t create Apex policies or edit disabled Apex policies for events that are supported in the pilot.

How: From Setup, enter Transaction Security in the Quick Find box, then select Transaction Security Policies.

Transaction Security Policies page with policies sorted by Status
To create a policy, click New. To update a policy, click the dropdown menu on the right, and select Edit.
Transaction policy edit page with Status field enabled