Manage Quote Calculation Status

New calculation status fields help sales reps make sure that their quotes contain the latest prices from the most recent quote calculation. When the Quote Calculator updates a quote after a user makes changes, sometimes the calculation process is interrupted. Since the calculation didn't complete, quote and quote line prices don’t reflect the most recent changes. Reps can now use calculation status fields to check when a quote was calculated and whether errors occurred. To update an uncalculated quote, they can use a button on the quote detail page instead of using the quote line editor or updating fields that trigger calculation.

Where: This change applies to Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience in all Salesforce CPQ and Salesforce Billing editions.

Why: Sales reps can review the quote fields to see when the quote was last calculated and check for calculation errors. If the quote is uncalculated, they can try calculating it again.
New Calculation Status Fields on the Quote
  • Last Saved On: The date and time when the quote was last saved.
  • Last Calculated On: The date and time of the last successful calculation.
  • Uncalculated: If true (selected), indicates that the quote hasn’t been calculated or that the quote’s Last Calculated On date is earlier than its Last Saved On date.
New Calculation Validation
If a quote’s Uncalculated field is selected, Salesforce CPQ shows an error when sales reps try to create an order, create a quote document, or contract an opportunity from that quote.
Calculate Button
The quote detail page now contains a Calculate button. This button is useful for quickly calculating an uncalculated quote.

How: New Salesforce CPQ Spring '19 orgs have the Calculate button available on the quote detail page by default. Admins must add it to the quote page layout in orgs that upgraded to Salesforce CPQ Spring '19.