Set Up Offline Support and Related Records in the Live Agent Setup Flow

Using pre-chat and offline support in your Snap-ins chat window is more seamless than ever before. Add offline support right in the setup flow to let your customers log a case when there aren’t any support agents available to chat. Plus, select which records you want to create and link to your chats using the fields in your pre-chat form.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience in Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions.

Why: Create an offline support form in the setup flow. When you turn it on, you can create the case form that your customers can fill out when your chat agents are offline. You can also add a header image to appear at the top of the case form.


When you turn on offline support, we turn on guess access in the Support API for the site you selected earlier in the flow. This is necessary for allowing customers to log a case.

The offline support settings in the Live Agent setup flow.

Link your chats with other Salesforce records with a simple selection in the flow. Select one of the options, and Salesforce will find or create records with your chat, so you get a full view of your customers. You can select a sales focus (Leads), a service focus (Cases and Contacts), or just Contacts. The record type selection screen in the Live Agent setup flow.

How: From Service Setup, select Live Agent Setup. If it’s not in your recommendations, click View All, then select Live Agent Setup.