Simplify Your Visualforce Lightning Experience Rollout

The Lightning Experience Visualforce Report now gives you more information and recommendations to help you get your pages ready for Lightning Experience. The report identifies which of your Visualforce pages are overrides, tabs, embedded pages, or dashboard components. It also provides styling recommendations and next steps to take to give your Visualforce pages the look and feel of Lightning Experience. This change applies to both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic.

User Permissions Needed
To run the Lightning Experience Visualforce Report: Customize Application AND Modify All Data
To get the email with your Visualforce Report: In Salesforce Setup, Email Deliverability set to access level All email

We estimate how much time and effort our Visualforce recommendations require. Estimations are based on the average number of hours that specific Visualforce migration tasks take.

You can run the Visualforce Report directly from your Readiness Report PDF file. The report evaluates only the pages that have been accessed in the past 90 days.