Fine-Tune Account and File Search Results with Filters

You can now filter search results for accounts and files. Make your initial search as broad as you want, then apply filters to focus the results. This change applies to Lightning Experience only.

On the search results page, filters appear when you click Accounts or Files under the Search Results header. The results update as you apply each filter (1). You can see which filters are applied above the search results (2).

Search results for accounts with an "Owner Last Name" filter applied

For Files, you can filter the Title, Size, File Extension, Last Modified Date, Owner, and Created Date fields. For Accounts, you can filter all fields except long text area and encrypted text fields. Add the fields you want to filter to the Search Results layout.

When you apply a new filter, the sort order of the previous search results isn’t saved. Filters aren’t saved when you enter a new search term in the global search box.