Share Credit for a Deal in Lightning Experience

Opportunity splits make it easy for sales reps to collaborate on opportunities and share opportunity with team members. This feature is new in Lightning Experience.
Available in: Performance and Developer Editions, and in Enterprise and Unlimited Editions with the Sales Cloud

Team members working an opportunity can see how much credit they get for each deal. Roll individual sales credits into quota and pipeline reports for the entire team.

Screenshot shows Edit Opportunity Splits selected on the Opportunity Splits related list.

Add or adjust splits from the Opportunity Splits related list. The opportunity’s owner gets 100% until other splits are added. The opportunity’s owner or users above the owner in your hierarchy can add and adjust splits.

Screenshot shows 7 features on the Edit All Opportunity Splits screen as detailed below the image.

  • Select revenue or overlay splits (1).
  • Add a team member to share credit with (2).
  • The amount (3) is calculated based on the percent entered (4) for the team member.
  • You can add more rows (5) to split with more team members.
  • For splits that must total 100%, totals (6) appear in red if the percents entered add up to more or less than 100%.
  • You can delete any split (7) except the opportunity owner’s share.