Use Path to Build Relationships with Accounts

Accounts have stages, too. Whether you’re nurturing relationships with customers or trying to turn prospects into customers without using an opportunity, Path helps manage the life cycle of your accounts. This change applies to Lightning Experience only.
Available in: Group, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, andUnlimited Editions

Path on an account record

Set up a path for business or person account record types. As with all paths, the steps (1) are based on the values in the picklist field that you select when you set up the path. The picklist fields that are available depend on whether the path is for business or person account record types. Focus your reps on the most critical information by highlighting it in Key Fields (2). Include guidance to help reps succeed at each step on the path (3).

Because many business processes can apply to accounts, we don’t provide a default path. Instead, use any of the available business or person account picklist fields to create the path that makes sense for your sales team. For example, maybe your reps must build relationships with their banking customers over several years. Use a path to coach your reps on developing these long-term relationships. Or perhaps you have a short sales process that doesn’t require an opportunity. Path can help reps work through the sales process right in the account record.

The --Master-- account record type applies only to business accounts.

Create a path for accounts using the same steps used for other objects. From Setup, enter Path in the Quick Find box, and then select Path Settings. Use the Lightning App Builder to add the Path component to your account page layouts.