Lightning Experience Report Builder Feature Differences and Gaps

As you get ready to build reports with the Lightning Experience report builder, take note of how it differs from the Salesforce Classic report builder. Remember, user permissions allowing, both builders are available in Lightning Experience. If a feature or tool isn’t available in one builder, save your report and edit it in the other.
Differences Between the Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic Report Builders
Feature Difference
Report Formats In the Salesforce Classic report builder, you must choose a report format before grouping data.

In the Lightning report builder, the report format automatically updates as you group report data. Tabular, summary, and matrix reports are all available, but you don’t select the format before grouping the data.

Charts The Lightning Experience report builder features the same charts as the report-view-page in Lightning Experience.
Customizing Granularity when Grouping by Date Fields In the Lightning Experience When grouping records by a date field, you can’t customize date granularity.

For example, on the Opportunity report type, grouping by the Date Closed field always groups records by day, and Month Closed always groups records by month.

Features Not Available in the Lightning Experience Report Builder
These features aren’t available in the beta version of the Lightning report builder, but we’re working hard to implement them in a future release.
  • Joined reports
  • Row limit filters
  • Dashboard Settings menu