Categorize Data with Bucket Columns

Quickly categorize report records without creating a formula or a custom field by bucketing them. When you create a bucket column, you define multiple categories (buckets) used to group report values. Like any other column in your report, you can sort, filter, and group by bucket columns. This feature is new in Lightning Experience.

For example, create a bucket column named Size based on the # Employees column. Then, create buckets that group records into “Large,” “Medium,” or “Small” ranges that you define.

Creating, sorting, and deleting a bucket column
Add a bucket column while editing a report.
  1. Find the column you want to bucket in the report preview, then click Add Column | Bucket This Column.
  2. From the Edit Bucket Column menu, add buckets and choose values for each bucket.
  3. Click Apply.
Your new bucket column appears in the report preview and in the Columns section. To edit the bucket column, find the column in the report preview and click Add Column | Edit Bucket Column. To delete the bucket column, click Add Column | Delete Bucket Column.