Spring ’18 Features That Are Different or Not Available in the Salesforce App

The Salesforce mobile app doesn’t include all the functionality that’s available in the full Salesforce site, whether your org is using Lightning Experience or Salesforce Classic. Learn about the Spring ’18 Salesforce enhancements that either aren’t available in the Salesforce app, have functional gaps from the full site, or work differently in the app.


For the complete list of differences between the Salesforce app and the full site, see What’s Different or Not Available in the Salesforce App in the Salesforce Help.

Productivity Features

Activity Reminders
You can set activity reminders from your tasks and events, but you can only see the reminders from Lightning Experience.
Event Attendees
Event attendees are like invitees in Salesforce Classic, but are available in Lightning Experience and the Salesforce app. Working with attendees requires Lightning Sync and a compatible Microsoft® Exchange or Google G Suite account. In addition, event organizers have to create or edit events from Lightning Experience, the Salesforce app, or (if syncing both ways) their Microsoft or Google calendars. Event organizers can invite or remove contacts, leads, and other Salesforce users to their events when set up to sync both ways, Salesforce to Google, or Salesforce to Exchange. All reps can view attendees and attendees sync with their calendar applications when set up with any sync direction. Setting up attendees in Lightning Experience and the Salesforce app limits some Salesforce Classic functionality. See Lightning Sync Considerations in Salesforce Help.