Use Assessments to Gather Patient Information

Improve the quality of patient care by gathering information that helps to manage your patients more efficiently. Whether it’s a pre-surgery assessment or a patient feedback survey, you have the information you need within the patient’s care plan.

With Surveys, you can create beautiful, easy-to-use forms for collecting feedback and data from your users or customers. You can customize survey questions and answers in a simple editor. You can add various types of questions to gather the exact data you need. View the surveys that are available to send to patients on the Assessments tab of the Health Cloud console. You can also find completed surveys for patients and drill into to see their answers.

From within each patient’s care plan, see the list of surveys that are available to send to that patient. With a simple click, the email invitation is on its way to the patient. When the patient clicks the survey link within the email, they can log in to the community and complete the survey.

To see the survey responses, open the survey from the Sent to Patient tab. The Sent to Patient tab lists all the surveys that have been sent to that patient. Easily view the date the survey was sent, whether it’s been completed, its status, and the version of the survey you’re viewing.