Customize Care with Flexible Care Plans

Flexible Care Plans decouple goals from problems, so that you can use the Health Cloud data model in a way that reflects your org’s specific approach to a patient’s health problems.

What you're doing in relation to the patient will influence how you want to look at the Care Plan. With Flexible Care Plans, you will find a number of ways to manage a patient’s care.

Problem View
Sometimes the best way to view a patient’s care plan is from the point of problems facing the patient. Clicking on Problems in the Care Plan menu bar presents those problems directly, and links to the goals and tasks associated with that problem.
Goal View
If you're most interested in the goals, then you can organize your Care Plan interface by goals. Goals are the patient objectives that help achieve an improved outcome for a problem. A patient can have as many goals as they need. Goals don’t require a related Problem. Problems are linked directly to the Patient, not to the Care Plan, since not all patients who have a Problem list have a Care Plan.
Task View
If you're a nurse or caregiver, you're probably interested in seeing the tasks that a patient’s care plan lays out for you to take care of. Clicking on Tasks in the care plan menu bar presents each task and the goals and problems associated with that task.

Admins can create new tabs to fit their own work processes. Tabs can group by Goal, Problem, Assigned To, or Due Date. "No grouping" is also an option.

Flexible Care Plan example

And if you like your current three-level view, you don’t have to give it up. You can still get that view by using the “Problems and Goals” tab.