Make Your Lightning App and Home Pages Dynamic

Setting visibility conditions for components isn’t limited to record pages anymore. Now you can set visibility rules on Lightning app and Home pages too.

App and Home pages aren’t associated with an object, so the filters you can use are limited to other contexts, such as User or Client. But that doesn’t mean that they’re less powerful. For instance, with a filter using the Client context you can set a component to display exclusively in one experience or the other, such as when an app page is viewed on a phone or a desktop.App page list view component restricted to mobile

Filters are also available in Lightning for Outlook and Lightning for Gmail. For each component in the email application pane, you can set whether the component appears when a rep is reading an email or viewing an event, or when a rep is composing an email or editing an event.

Component visibility filters are supported for standard components, custom components, and components from AppExchange. If you don’t define a filter, the component displays on the Lightning page as usual. When you define one or more filters and set the filter logic for a component, the component is hidden until the filter logic criteria are met.