Track More Information About Paused Flow Interviews

Get more information about your paused interviews, such as whether an interview contains personal data. Build a custom object that references the interview’s GUID, a unique identifier. For instance, if a customer asks to be forgotten, you need to delete all references to the customer’s personal data, including data in paused flow interviews. This feature is new in both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic.

To access an interview’s unique identifier in your flow, reference the new $Flow.InterviewGuid system variable.



When an interview executes a Wait element, or a user pauses it, all the interview data is serialized and saved to the database as a Paused Flow Interview record. When the interview is resumed, the corresponding record is deleted.


To identify which paused interviews include personal data for a contact, lead, or user, build a custom object to track the interview’s GUID and the affected contact, lead, or user. When an interview references personal data, such as a lead’s email or credit card number, create a record of the custom object using the lead’s ID and {!$Flow.InterviewGuid}. Before the final screen, delete all records of the custom object referencing the interview’s GUID. That way, the custom object tracks only interviews that are saved to the database.

When a customer asks to be forgotten, create a report that lists all the custom object records where LeadId matches the customer’s record. Then for each custom object record, delete the flow interview that corresponds to the provided GUID.