Associate Paused Flow Interviews with a Record

Get a single view of all interviews associated with a given customer, case, or other record. When a user pauses an interview or an interview executes a Wait element, the interview is associated with the record through the FlowRecordRelation object.

To associate your flow with a record, set the {!$Flow.CurrentRecord} system variable to a valid record ID in an Assignment element.

To display all interviews associated with a given record, create a custom Lightning component and add the component to the record page.



Customize your org’s sharing model for the FlowInterview object so that the appropriate users can resume the interviews associated with a record, not just the interview owner.


This SOQL query returns a list of interview IDs that are associated with a particular contact.

SELECT ParentId FROM FlowRecordRelation WHERE RelatedRecordId = '003R0000001f5cnIAA'