New Orgs Get an Improved OData 2.0 Adapter for Salesforce Connect

To address previous issues, we improved the OData 2.0 adapter for orgs created in Spring ’18. Orgs created before Spring ’18 don’t yet benefit from these improvements. As a result, there are behavior differences between older orgs and those created in Spring ’18. These changes apply to both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic.
Orgs created before Spring ’18 experience the following behaviors with the OData 2.0 adapter for Salesforce Connect. We plan to fix these issues across all orgs in a later release, but if you need these issues resolved in your org now, contact Salesforce Customer Support.
  • OData queries fail when the JSON query responses don’t present the metadata before the properties. Users get an external object error regarding no valid OData JSON format.
  • In the callout event monitoring pilot, these fields aren’t supported for External OData Callout events.