Email Default Publisher is Now HTML

The email publisher now has an HTML default making it easier for agents to use HTML content in Lightning Experience.

The email publisher now has HTML as the body default. You must have Email-to-Case enabled to use the Send Email quick action on the Cases object. The Send Email quick action is created by default when you enable Email-to-Case on new orgs. If your org was created before Spring ’17, or if you enabled Email-to-Case before Spring ’17, create a Send Email quick action.

  1. You need to Create the Send Email quick action.
  2. Arrange the email fields in the order that you want. When an agent selects the quick action, the email fields are displayed in this order.
  3. From the Email Message Fields menu, drag fields into the email layout. To remove fields, drag them from the email layout to the Email Message Fields section. The new list is: To Address, Cc Address, Bcc Address, Subject, and HTML Body
Email fields with html default
Available in: Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions