Take the Mystery out of Creating Charts with the New User Interface

Our new, foolproof chart builder makes it easy to create charts the way you want to, without worrying about the query details behind each chart type. No more figuring out how the number and order of measures and groupings impact each chart type. Just tell the chart builder which field to use for each chart feature—like which field should appear on the horizontal axis.
For example, when you create a matrix chart, pick a dimension for each axis and the measures that determine the bubble size and color. To save a little time, drag and drop fields within the panel to move them from one section to another or change their order within a section.
The left pane shows the scatterplot chart configurations, including axes, bubble size, and bubble color.
In explorer, you can change a chart to any chart type—no more chart types grayed out because they require a different number of measures and groupings. If the new chart type requires more fields, the interface let’s you know. If the new chart doesn’t require some of the currently selected fields, the chart builder moves them to the Additional Fields section. Although additional fields don’t affect the chart, the query still returns their values in case you want to later use them.
The Additional Fields section shows all extra fields not shown in the chart.