Get More from Quotes

Show your teams’ quotes side by side for easy comparison and access. Let reps search for the quotes they want to review and delete unneeded quote PDFs. Help teams track quote-related sales activity and the stages that their quotes are in. And let reps add multiple products to quotes at the same time. Feature availability differs between Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic.
Quotes list page and Kanban in Lightning Experience
  • See all your quotes listed together (1).
  • Get the big picture with Kanban (2). Unique to Lightning Experience.
Quote details in Lightning Experience
  • View and manage quote line items (3) and quote PDFs (4).
  • Create quote PDFs, email quotes, and manage quote syncing (5).
  • Manage email, events, logged calls, and tasks in the activity timeline (6). Unique to Lightning Experience.
  • Use Chatter to collaborate during the quote management process. Share information, updates, and documents, and monitor status and key field changes on quote records (7). To monitor quote and quote product fields via Chatter, enable feed tracking for the fields that you want to track.
  • Add Path (setup required) to track quotes throughout your sales process (8). Unique to Lightning Experience.

The Quotes tab isn’t available for users with Partner Community licenses in communities using the Salesforce Tabs + Visualforce template. They can access quotes from other locations in the Salesforce UI, such as from opportunities. Quotes aren’t supported in Lightning communities.