External Object Reports Have Fewer Limitations

We removed some previous limitations, hopefully before you even encountered them. The improvements affect reports that include external object relationships or use the cross-org adapter for Salesforce Connect. This change applies to both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic.
Available in: Developer Edition

Available for an extra cost in: Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited Editions

When you run reports that reference external objects via lookup, external lookup, and indirect lookup relationships, you no longer receive empty values for those relationship fields. Previously, reports returned empty values when external object relationship fields weren’t Salesforce IDs or the name fields of parent objects.

With the cross-org adapter for Salesforce Connect, a report callout no longer fails if its URL exceeds 2 KB. A large callout is split into multiple HTTP calls, with each URL less than 2 KB. Report callouts for other Salesforce Connect adapters already behave this way.