View Dashboards as Other People in Lightning Experience

Say that your sales people can only view their own opportunities, but you'd like to review all opportunities closed in the last quarter. Create a dashboard and let people view the dashboard as you (or anyone else who can see all opportunities). When your sales people open the dashboard, they see info about all opportunities instead of only their opportunities. Their data access in Salesforce remains unchanged. They can only see more data in your dashboard. This feature is new in Lightning Experience.

To specify whom folks view a dashboard as, click Edit | Edit Dashboard Properties. In the Properties window, choose who you want dashboard readers to view the dashboard as:

  • Me — Dashboard readers see data in the dashboard according to your access to data.

    For example, if you can only see Opportunities in Canada, then dashboard readers only see data about Opportunities in Canada.

  • A specified user — Dashboard readers see data in the dashboard according to the data access level of whomever you specify.

    For example, if you choose someone who can see Opportunities from any country, then dashboard readers see data about Opportunities from all countries.

  • The logged in user — Dashboard readers see data as themselves, according to their own access to data.

Optionally, select Allow dashboard viewers to change this (dynamic dashboard) to enable a reader with appropriate user permissions to choose who they view the dashboard as. With the “View My Team’s Dashboards” user permission, the reader can view the dashboard as themself or as anyone beneath them in the role hierarchy. With the “View All Data” user permission, the reader can view the dashboard as anyone.

Setting a Dashboard Viewer

Remember, when you specify whom people view the dashboard as, they see data as though they were that person. Make sure that you aren't revealing sensitive data to too broad an audience.

In Lightning Experience, you can now edit, clone, and delete dynamic dashboards that were created in Salesforce Classic.