Communities: Community Workspaces, Criteria-Based Audiences, Mobile Actions, and More

The cool breeze of Spring ’17 blows in some significant changes for Communities—from refreshed tools to fresh components. Community Workspaces centralizes access to all the tools you use to build, moderate, and manage your community, and Community Builder gives you more room to work. With criteria-based audiences, you can assign location and record type criteria to page variations to hit your target audience. And mobile actions make it easy to create, edit, and update Salesforce records directly from your mobile device.
Available in: Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions



There’s lots of Lightning striking Salesforce these days—Lightning Experience, Lightning Bolts, Lightning components—and it can be tricky to know how it all applies to Communities. Here's the rundown.

Lightning Bolt solutions and community templates use the same underlying technology as Lightning Experience—namely, the Lightning platform and Lightning components—but you aren’t required to enable Lightning Experience to use them.

Although Communities is available in Lightning Experience Setup, it isn’t fully supported in Lightning Experience because the global header isn’t available. The global header is used to switch internal users between their Salesforce org and their communities. Without the global header, internal users need to bookmark community URLs to access communities they're members of.

If you enable Lightning Experience in your org, internal users must switch back to Salesforce Classic to access the global header.