Feel Confident About Your Lightning Experience Readiness

Just as we’re always adding new features to Lightning Experience, we’re adding to the list of customizations that you can evaluate using the Lightning Experience Readiness Check. Make sure to evaluate your readiness again after March 21, when we’re releasing new functionality, giving you even more insight into where you stand with Lightning Experience. And if you’re still feeling skittish about acting on our recommendations, sign up for a free consultation with a Lightning Experience expert to get more advice. This change applies to both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic.
Available in: Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions

Have you checked your Salesforce implementation lately to see whether you’re ready for Lightning Experience? Even if you’ve checked your readiness in the past, check it again to see what’s new.

Starting in Spring ’17, you can assess your AppExchange packages and more of your related lists. We're also offering more support for developing your rollout strategy, by providing feature usage details and access to free consultations with Lightning Experience experts.

On March 21, we released more functionality. That includes more precise recommendations about how to modify certain JavaScript buttons and links, and advice on who’s ready to migrate based on your users’ profiles.

Kick off the readiness check from Salesforce Setup. Click Lightning Experience | Evaluate.

Lightning Experience Readiness Check in the Migration Assistant

Next, you get an email with a personalized readiness report, which includes recommendations on how to migrate your Salesforce implementation to Lightning Experience. Your email also includes an invitation to sign up for a free consultation with a Lightning Experience expert, who helps you act on our recommendations.

To see what we’ve started evaluating since your last check, take a look at “See If You’re Ready for Lightning Experience with the Readiness Check” in the Salesforce Help.

And stay tuned to learn about more features and customizations the check starts evaluating in the coming months.