How to Use the Release Notes

The release notes give you brief, high-level descriptions of new Salesforce features and enhancements to existing features. You also get setup information, implementation tips to help you get started, and best practices to ensure your continued success.
  • You can choose from PDF and HTML versions.
  • By default, your browser’s language settings determine the language we show you in the HTML release notes. You can easily change the language that you’re viewing the release notes in. Scroll to the footer at the bottom of the page, click Change Language, and select a language.
  • These release notes are about new and modified features, not known issues. For information about known issues, check out the Salesforce Known Issues Site.


Until the new Salesforce release is available in your production organization, links from release notes to the Salesforce Help, implementation guides, developer guides, and other documentation won't work or will point to materials for the previous Salesforce release. Some of our documentation has preview versions available several weeks before the Salesforce release. To access the preview versions of developer guides on Salesforce Developers, select Preview from the Documentation Version drop-down list.