Health Cloud: Deliver Collaborative, Connected Patient Care (Generally Available)

Delivering outstanding patient care means more than simply managing the information and events that involve patients. Health Cloud reinvents the way that care coordinators engage with patients.

Health Cloud is available in Salesforce Classic

Available in: Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited Editions

The Health Cloud Console provides a consolidated view of critical patient records, access to the patient’s care team, and the tools to bring it all together to improve healthcare outcomes. You create a strong, collaborative relationship with the patient and caregivers to assist the patient on a journey to better health.

Excellent care requires a complete picture of the data coming from electronic health record (EHR) systems to guide smart and efficient decisions regarding the patient. Salesforce Health Cloud, provides all the tools to help care coordinators manage patients with greater efficiency. The Health Cloud console includes:
  • Comprehensive snapshots of vital patient data from EHRs
  • Working view of a care coordinator’s prioritized tasks related to patients
  • Care timeline that shows a representation of patient history events, like appointments, prescriptions, conditions, and other care-related encounters
  • Customized care plans that set measurable goals with tasks that can be assigned to the patient
  • The What's Happening feed, powered by Salesforce Chatter, to keep care coordinators up-to-date with what’s happening with patients and team members.

When you configure Salesforce Communities, you provide a private patient community that unites professional and personal caregivers in a collaborative network that drives care plan compliance. Coordinators can assign ownership of health tasks to members of the care team, including other health professionals, patients, and family members. They can exchange secure, private messaging with the patient and members of the community—and members can access those messages on any device.