Use Thanks and Skills for Free

Recognize your coworkers with custom badges and share your professional expertise for free! thanks badges and skills are now included for all Sales Cloud users.


Free Thanks and Skills features are available within 24 hours after the Spring ’15 release.

Your users now have access to all of the Thanks functionality (excluding Rewards) for free. They can create, edit, share, and give thanks badges without a license. However, users will still need a license to give, create, or receive badges tied to rewards.

Thanks badge post in Chatter

Users now also have access to all of the Skills functionality. Users can declare individual skills, endorse other users’ skills, and search for experts with specific skills in their organization.

User profile with skills displayed

To enable these features, from Setup, click Customize | | Settings. The related settings can be found under Thanks Settings and Skills Settings. For more information, see “Enable or Disable Settings” in the Salesforce Help.

Add the Badges tab to make it easier for your users to create and edit thanks badges. For information about adding new tabs, see “Editing App Properties” in the Salesforce Help.

Note the following limitations:
  • Chatter must be enabled to use Thanks and Skills.
  • Thanks and Skills features are limited to Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, Performance, and Developer Editions.
  • Default badges and Skills features aren’t available in community organizations.
  • Thanks and Skills features are limited to specific user licenses. For more information, see the “Thanks and Skills User Licenses” Knowledge article in the Salesforce Help.