Respond to Leads in the Lead Feed with the Social Action

Your sales agents can now interact with your social customers on the Lead feed, creating prospective business where your customers are, when they are available.

If a social post is associated with a lead in Salesforce, sales representatives can now respond from the feed on the lead object.



When a lead is converted to an account or contact, the social items in the feed are removed.

Social actions on leads in Salesforce console

For the social action to appear in the feed on the lead object, the social post must be associated with the lead through the Who field. You also need a feed-based layout for page layout in Leads (from Setup go to Customize | Leads | Page Layouts) and to enable feed tracking for leads (from Setup go to Customize | Chatter | Feed Tracking and ensure Enable Feed Tracking and All Related Objects are checked).

Lead support also works in Salesforce1.

Social action on leads in Salesforce1