New Email Templates and Tone for Salesforce to Salesforce

Salesforce to Salesforce has undergone a spring cleaning! For Spring ‘15, Salesforce to Salesforce got a few updates to keep its email templates, labels, and user interface fresh and intuitive.
Available in: Contact Manager, Group, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions

A few labels have been updated to be more intuitive:
  • On pages where users subscribe to objects, the ...maps to your objects column is now called Your Objects.
  • On pages where users subscribe to fields, the ...maps to your fields column is now called Your Fields.
  • On the New Invitation page, the Connection Template section is now called Connection Features.

The Connections page now includes a Connection Type column, which helps organizations who use both standard Salesforce to Salesforce and Organization Sync keep track of their connections.

If your company uses the default email templates in Salesforce to Salesforce, you’ll notice that the emails notifying you about Salesforce to Salesforce updates are shorter and more conversational. It’s the same helpful information, but in perfectly worn jeans instead of polyester slacks.

Finally, you may spot some notes in the help documentation about a new feature called Organization Sync. Organization Sync is a business continuity feature built on the framework of Salesforce to Salesforce. It uses a replication connection to sync business-critical data to a second Salesforce organization, where users can continue to work if the primary organization is unavailable. To learn more about Organization Sync, see Promote Business Continuity with Organization Sync (Generally Available).