Sync Recurring Salesforce Tasks to Microsoft® Outlook®

Get your sales teams tracking their recurring Salesforce tasks in Outlook. That way, if your sales teams spend lots of time in Outlook, they won’t forget about the Salesforce tasks they need to complete on a regular basis.

Salesforce for Outlook can now sync recurring Salesforce tasks one way from Salesforce to Outlook. When you set up data sets in your Outlook configurations to sync recurring tasks, your users see only the current open task in the series, as well as any modified tasks. After your users complete the current open task, the next task in the series appears.

Get your sales teams syncing their Salesforce tasks to Outlook now.
  1. In Salesforce Setup, click Desktop Administration | Outlook Configurations.
  2. Select the Outlook configuration for which you want to set recurring Salesforce tasks to sync.
  3. For the data set on the Outlook configuration detail page, click Edit.Edit Outlook Configuration Data Sets
  4. Select the option Sync recurring Salesforce tasks to Outlook.Set Recurring Salesforce Tasks to Sync to Microsoft Outlook
New Outlook configurations and data sets, by default, are set to sync recurring Salesforce tasks to Outlook.