Other Changes in the Sales Cloud

We’ve made additional changes to the Sales cloud to improve usability.
Control Your Users’ Access to Orders with Sharing Rules
Orders now has its own sharing model. Previously, orders inherited the sharing model for accounts, which is typically shared widely. With this separate sharing model, you get more control over your users’ access to orders. For example, you can set a more restrictive organization-wide default value for orders and then extend access through order sharing as needed. The organization-wide default value for orders is “Controlled by Parent,” so unless you change your organization-wide defaults, your users won’t notice this change. For more information, see “Sharing Orders” in the Salesforce Help.
Priority Field Added to Territory Type Record
The Territory Type record includes a new field, Priority, which helps you choose the appropriate territory type for territories you create or edit. The field is also exposed on the Territory2Type object in the SOAP API (version 33) and the Territory2Type metadata type in the Metadata API (version 33).
Use Thanks and Skills for Free
Recognize your coworkers with custom badges and share your professional expertise for free! Work.com thanks badges and skills are now included for all Sales Cloud users. For more information, see Use Thanks and Skills for Free.
Contract Approvals No Longer Available
The contract-specific approval functionality has been retired for existing organizations. You are no longer be able to create, approve, or reject Approval requests and the legacy Contract Approvals function is read-only. The data in the existing approval request records will be retained and accessible to you in read-only mode. Instead, you can create standard approval processes for contracts, which are located in Setup at Create | Workflow & Approvals. For more information about standard approval processes, see “Approval Processes Overview” in the Salesforce Help.