Promote Business Continuity with Organization Sync (Generally Available)

At Salesforce, we recognize that you need to access your data at a moment’s notice—even when Salesforce is down for maintenance. With Organization Sync, you can set up a secondary, synced Salesforce organization where users can work on your most business-critical processes and data whenever your primary organization is experiencing downtime or maintenance.
Available in: Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions

Organization Sync is ideal for companies whose users need access to Salesforce at all times. For example, representatives in a 24/7 call center can continue to serve customers during maintenance windows with minimal disruption.

Organization Sync uses the framework of Salesforce to Salesforce, a feature that lets customers share records with other companies that use Salesforce. To set up Organization Sync, you’ll establish a secondary Salesforce organization with matching metadata and create a data replication connection between the primary and secondary organizations. You can specify which types of data are copied to the secondary organization by mapping essential objects and fields to the secondary organization through a publish and subscribe process. Then, records are copied to the secondary organization in a way that ensures that they remain synced.

When the primary organization is unavailable, users are redirected to the secondary organization until the maintenance is complete. Nearly all actions (creating a case, deleting an attachment, and more) that users perform in one organization are automatically applied to the other organization.

To learn more about Organization Sync, contact Salesforce.